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  • Moving to Glasgow

    30 March 2016 ( #glasgow, #DIY, #flat )

    I recently moved to Glasgow from Chesterfield, and I wanted to detail my experiences to help others deal with this stressful time! I've basically moved straight into a new flat that we completely unfurnished, so had to try and figure out a way to make...

  • Welcome!

    30 March 2016

    Welcome to my blog! I'll be posting regular updates about my life and everything that comes with it. What does that mean? It means I won't just be writing about the good times, I'll also be writing about the bad times. This is important because I want...

  • Mads Mikkelsen is a sexy man

    17 April 2016

    Look at that face. Look at those pursed lips, ready to be kissed. Look at those sultry eyes. Damn, Mads Mikkelsen is a sexy man. I came to the realisation that I found Mads Mikkelsen attractive once I started watching Hannibal (which I hope gets released...

  • Anorexia and me - How I overcame my biggest hurdle

    01 April 2016

    It's been 7 years suffering with anorexia - both mentally and physically - but I can finally say that I have beaten it. I'm still not 100% there in terms of my weight, but mentally I feel strong, and the issues that I had with my body still linger slightly,...

  • Why I chose carpets for my flat

    07 April 2016

    I've had a few messages from people asking me why I decided to get carpets for my flat instead of some cheaper flooring, even though I was struggling to even afford them! And to be honest, they were really expensive to buy and have installed. But so far,...

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