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Why I chose carpets for my flat

Posted by Sam

I've had a few messages from people asking me why I decided to get carpets for my flat instead of some cheaper flooring, even though I was struggling to even afford them! And to be honest, they were really expensive to buy and have installed. But so far, they've been totally worth it, as I'm always nice and warm even when it's freezing in Glasgow.

I got the carpets from Allfloors Glasgow, and had them installed by a local man who one of the other students recommended. So far they haven't been too hard to maintain, as many people said they would be. But that might just be because I'm a complete clean freak who tries her hardest not to spill anything in her house! Plus I don't have pets (although that could change soon hopefully)!

The main reason I chose the carpets was because the weather in Glasgow is always freezing! I've even heard of a phenomenon called 'The Glasgow Effect' which is when people who live in Glasgow have a lower life expectancy and are generally more likely to be ill. Hopefully I avoid that one if I keep my carpets!

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